Know Your Faith – October – Month of the Holy Rosary

On October 7, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the yearly feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Known for several centuries by the alternate title of “Our Lady of Victory,” the feast day takes place in honour of a 16th century naval victory which secured Europe against Turkish invasion. Pope St. Pius V attributed the victory to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was invoked on the day of the battle through a campaign to pray the     Rosary throughout Europe.

What does the Blessed Mother ask of us particularly during this month?                                                                                  (Pray, Penance, Consecration)

  1. Pray the Rosary every day especially as a family.
  2. Wear the Brown Scapular
  3. Observe the Five First Saturdays
  4. Offer our Duty in Reparation

 What better way to please the Blessed Mother and her Son, Jesus Christ, than praying the Rosary as she asked us to do at Fatima. Rosaries are not just decorations. Battles have been won because people prayed the rosary! There have been hearts converted, and impossible intentions   answered too. Your life can only be blessed if you start praying the Rosary especially as a family.