Know Your Faith – Pope Francis says………

On Pope Francis’ recent Apostolic visit to Chile and Peru he met with many youth and shared some words of wisdom with them. He stressed to them that they should use a simple test before acting and make this the Golden Rule.  Ask oneself  “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO IN MY PLACE?”

He urged them to be “protagonists in the heart of the Church” and recommended the examples of the Good Samaritan, Simon of Cyrene helping Christ with his cross, Zacchaeus, who rejected material possessions, and Mary Magdalene, “who finds in Jesus alone the answer”.

He told others “Do not be content to be the last car on the train of society, letting yourselves be pulled along and eventually disconnected, we need you to be the engine, always pressing forward.”

He asked youth to be more active in the Church, to help keep its face young, not by applying         cosmetics but by letting Her be challenged deep down by her sons and daughters, to help her daily to be more faithful to the Gospel.