Know Your Faith – Pope Francis says…..   

The Week for Christian Unity ended on January 25th and the theme for the 2018 was, “Your Right Hand, O Lord, Glorious in Power,” Exodus 15:6. The resources for this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity were prepared by the churches of the Caribbean by an ecumenical team of women and men under the leadership of His Grace Kenneth Richards, Catholic Archbishop of Kingston, the Antilles Episcopal Conference, together with Mr. Gerard Granado, General Secretary of the Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC).

To end this week Pope Francis said to pilgrims in Rome,

  • ¨ “Let us ask our Lord Jesus Christ that by His grace we Christians throughout the world may be instruments of his peace.”
  • ¨ “At a time when societies are increasingly secularized, our service to ecumenism consists in bearing witness to the presence of the living God.”
  • ¨ “It is our duty to come to their aid, united by our shared ecumenical commitment,” noting we must all try to be instruments of peace.
  • ¨  “May He help us always, amid divisions between peoples, to work together as witnesses and servants of his healing and reconciling love, and in this way to sanctify and glorify His name,” and “Let us constantly implore the support of God’s grace and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, who guides us to the fullness of truth.”