Know Your Faith – Pope Francis says ……Rejoice! God is with us

God enters into the history of humanity, He “involves” Himself in our life; He enters it, to animate it with His grace and to save it. Even when a situation seems desperate, God intervenes, offering man salvation and joy.

We are called to listen to this proclamation, rejecting the temptation to consider ourselves secure in ourselves, wanting to do away with God, claiming absolute freedom from Him and from His Word.

When we rediscover the courage to recognize ourselves for what we are, we realize we are persons called to take account of our fragility and our limitations. Then it can happen that we are gripped by anguish, by anxiety for tomorrow, by fear of sickness and death. This   explains why so many people, seeking a way out, sometimes take dangerous shortcuts as, for instance, the tunnel of drugs or that of superstitions and ruinous rituals of magic.

It’s good to know one’s limitations, one’s fragilities, we must know them, but not to despair, but offer them to the Lord, and He helps us on the way to healing, He takes us by the hand, and never leaves us alone – never! God is with us.