Know Your Faith- Pope Francis says….We Must Convert Our Way of Thinking

“Faith is not a spectacle: it is the Word of God and the Holy Spirit who acts in the hearts.”

Thus we can “recite all the Creed, even all the dogmas of the Church,” but if we do not do it “with the Christian spirit”, it does not serve “anything,” insisted Pope Francis: it is necessary to make a “conversion of thought.”

Beyond the “conversion of works” with fasting, almsgiving, penance, and “conversion of feelings” with compassion, the Pope encouraged a “conversion of thought”: “not what we think, but also the way we think, the way we see, the style of thinking.

He invited the faithful to make an examination of conscience:  ‘With what spirit do I think? With the spirit of the Lord or with my own mind, the spirit of the community to which I  belong or the small group or social class to which I belong, or the political party to which I belong? “Do I think with the Christian style or with the pagan style?”

And to seek if I really think with the spirit of God,- ask grace to discern when I think with the spirit of the world, and when I think with the spirit of God and ask for the grace of the conversion of thought. ”